Our Vision

We envision to be known as the unparalleled medical equipment and services supplier, as well as the most trusted partner for healthcare, within Pakistan.

Total Medical Services - A Healthcare Solution Provider

Premium-quality medical equipment and device provider since 2008.

Total Medical Services is a medical equipment and device provider located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, with an unrelenting commitment to help improve public health in Pakistan. Since our inception in 2008, we have aimed to provide our clients, the Medical and Allied Health industry of Pakistan, with reliable and exceptional medical equipment, support, and technology management.

We do this by forging solid relationships and procuring the required equipment from local as well as international principals. Since day one, our focus has been on patient safety and ensuring that we make the latest and most effective medical equipment available to the Pakistani market.

Corporate Brief Profile

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By providing state-of-the-art medical equipment with the latest technology, which is fully certified according to all relevant international standards and regulations, & by ensuring that the equipment must offer superior features for its intended use, ease of operation, high reliability, safety & effectiveness.
By using our experience and vast network of suppliers to identify, and make available, the highest quality products at the lowest acquisition and operating costs.
By implementing our philosophy to ensure that we retain our best employees and suppliers so that our customers can rely on a steady stream of the equipment they trust.
By having a client-centric services-driven culture and attitude towards quality and customer service, and by maintaining clear internal and external communication, which shows commitment and builds trust and respect for each other.
By making the effort to feel for others so as to be able to seek the best possible healthcare for our clients.
By ensuring sound management principles and by constantly reviewing our processes and customer feedback, which ties into our long-term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we work.
Company History


Established and launched the Company in 2008

Immediately afterwards, culture-setting initiatives were taken along with the formation of departments, selection of products, and the hiring of the team

Islamabad/Rawalpindi chosen as the initial area of operations


Registered on Armed Forces Institutions panel

After nearly two years, through hard work and effort, we managed to get registered on the panel of the Armed Forces Institutions

Formal relationships forged with local Principals within Pakistan

Achieved another milestone by getting registered with Governmental/Non-Governmental institutions

Expanded area of operations to include Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)

Formalized the Company’s SOPs and processes so as to ensure services as per international medical standards


Established Bio Medical Lab

Provided in-house Technical Product training to staff to enable them to deliver a higher level of service, technical consultancy and support

Established a Bio Medical Lab within the Company to provide basic service, maintenance, and repair of equipment

For the first time, we participated in international medical exhibitions, such as, ARAB HEALTH (Dubai), and MEDICA (Germany)

Expanded our partner-base internationally by bringing onboard multiple Principals from China, Korea, and Taiwan


Expanded footprint nation-wide

Expanded the footprint of our area of operations by providing services nation-wide

Started delivering products to our customers nation-wide through cash on delivery (COD)

Continued participation in international exhibitions such as ARAB HEALTH (Dubai)


Established International Import Division

Established our International Import Division

Registered with the Federal Board of Revenue for importing equipment

Started import of medical equipment from Asia, Europe, Turkey, and the USA

Continued participation in international exhibitions such as ARAB HEALTH (Dubai)

First complete installation of a hospital department including the ICU, CCU, OPD, and OT, along with additional supply of medical equipment


International Ventures

Received international certifications from vendors reaffirming our commitment to providing quality service

Undertook three (03) significant projects for complete installation of hospital departments including the ICU, CCU, OPD, and OT, along with additional supply of medical equipment

Continued participation in international exhibitions such as ARAB HEALTH (Dubai)

Addition of international Principals of medical equipment from Europe and the USA


COVID-19 products

Supplied a large number of COVID-19 products such as masks, cover suits, gaggles, face covers, gloves, and many more

Expanded our international outreach by adding Principals of medical equipment from Turkey

Supplied ventilators through projects for COVID-19 to Government Hospitals

Presently gearing up for a prosperous and progressive 2021