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Message From CEO

A message from CEO (Total Medical Services)

Welcome to Total Medical Services!

Located in the heart of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, our Company is a premium-quality medical equipment and device provider. With our highly-qualified team of experts, TMS has aspired and endured, since its inception in 2008, to provide our clients, the Medical and Allied Health industry of Pakistan, with reliable and exceptional medical equipment, support, and technology management.

At TMS, we believe in providing service with a human touch, to make a positive difference in people’s lives, by ensuring that the equipment we provide is chosen primarily for its quality and durability rather than profit considerations. We aim to enable the Pakistani health industry to take maximum advantage of advancements in technology, thereby, making it easier to perform traditional medical tasks and administer requisite medical care in a more affordable and accurate manner, in accordance with international health standards.

To achieve this, we have invested a considerable amount of resources to ensure a continuous and high standard of sales and service. Coupled with our network of international suppliers, which spans Italy, Germany, China, USA, and Turkey, TMS prides itself on the ability to make such equipment accessible to the Pakistani market.

We do not rest on our laurels, however, and we at TMS continuously evaluate our processes and strategies, and strive to improve and optimize them so as to make the process of procuring high-quality medical equipment even easier for our clients. Going into the future, we plan to increase our outreach through a country-wide expansion of our network within Pakistan, as well as the expansion of our network of local and international suppliers.

We welcome you to join us on our mission to help modernize medical treatment within Pakistan and to make it more affordable. Whether you are a part of the Medical, Scientific and Allied Health industry of Pakistan, or whether you are an international supplier of medical equipment, we look forward to working with you to realize our vision.

Chaudhry Abdus Salam
CEO – Total Medical Services