Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Model: UN-300

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Nebtime Ultrasonic Nebulizers are manufactured for the purpose of patient treatment using vaporization of liquid and solution form of drugs.

During the process of liquid turning into vapor, frequency is used instead of heating technique.The frequency which is made up by the micreprocessor electronic system is turned into mechanical vibration by piezo-ceremic crystal. Using these vibrations, liquid in the jar is turned into vapor withour heating. Besides, a fan within the device draws in air from outside. Outside air is cleaned by pushing it through a bacteria filter and given into the jar. Vapor is continually generated in the jar and by the applied air pressure, the vapor is delivered to the patient by the tube. Generated vapor can be heated, on request, and then applied to the patient.

Product Specifications

Voltage 230 VAC±%10, 50 Hz Power 40 W
Crystal Operating Frequency 1,68 MHz ±%5 Particle Size 0,5 - 6 μm
Average Nebulization Rate 0-5 ml/min ±%10 Aerosol Tank 300 ml (Maximum)
Weight < 3 kg Heater MAX.38ºC (with heater)
Operating Temp. Range 10ºC ~ 40ºC Storage Temp. Range 10ºC ~ 40ºC)